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10 Must Have Changing Table Essentials by Daniella Raffa at Mama Shack

So, you’re having a baby! It is easy to feel overwhelmed as at first as it seems like baby needs a lot of stuff. This list will help you figure out what to buy when preparing for those all too often nappy changes.

Having an organised changing area is a huge time saver. On average babies can be changed up to 5 -10 times a day! Realistically after baby arrives it can turn into chaos but at least the chaos is in one place and you have everything you need to hand at anytime of the day or night.

When I had my son I had two changing areas. One upstairs in his room and a small station with some changing items downstairs, as running up and down the stairs for every nappy change wasn't always easy.

Here are 10 of my changing table essentials:

1. Changing Mat || Where all of the action happens! Opt for one that is wipeable, easy to

clean and has a soft and supportive foam filling to keep baby comfortable during

changing. At Mama Shack we offer three styles of changing mats in a range of modern


2. Nappies and Wipes || The best tip I received when planning for my baby is to not over

buy too many to begin with. Try different brands, as you may find one brand works

better than another for your baby. Reusable nappies and wipes are also a great cost

effective option.

3. Bowl & Cotton Wool || Handy in the first few weeks of baby being born when they have super sensitive skin. Also if you run out of wipes (we’ve all been there!) it is handy to

have these as a back up!

4. Muslins || You can never have too many, great for spills or using to cover the changing

mat to avoid cold bums. 

5. Sleep Suits & Body Suits || Always handy for the inevitable surprise poo-plosion. 

6. Nappy Bags || For quick and easy nappy disposal, I recommend choosing a

biodegradable option.

7. Creams & Lotions || Body lotion, baby oil and maybe a balm for sleeping. There are many options of nappy rash creams available. I switch between two.  Sudocrem  for general use and  Metanium  when my son has a really sore bum.

8. Sunscreen || Good for baby when preparing for a day out & handy for you!

9. Nappy Bin || Not essential but handy if you are not so close to a bin.

10. Storage Baskets ||  Handy for all of your changing essentials and great for keeping

everything organised.

Need more inspo? Here are a few of our favourite changing areas from our customers from our Instagram @mamashackbaby

Mama Shack creates award winning, modern changing mats & baby essentials. We create products for parents that want practical, everyday baby products where style and design has not been scarified.

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