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Getting ready as a Mum is difficult. We already have zero time. We’re starting with a time deficit. My y typical ‘Mum Chic’ would consist of hastily applied foundation and, if I’m lucky, a bit of mascara.

I’d wanted my eyebrows micro bladed for so long, but as I was doing some research into where to go, I found out I was pregnant with Teddy (you can’t have it done if you’re pregnant). So I put it off, resorting to filling my brows in with makeup. Does anyone else struggle to get their brows to match?! I do one perfectly then the other one seems to get thicker and longer as I try to match it up! But it’d have to do until I could afford the semi-permanent brows I wanted.

Then, as most of you will know, being on maternity leave, especially once you’re down to statutory maternity pay, is HARD! I don’t know about you but coffee dates with my new found Mum Crew became less frequent, I started looking for more free activities or things I could do at home to entertain us, I even found that I did more meal plans to make sure our money stretched as much as it possibly could.

I also struggled to feel myself whilst on maternity leave, something I've spoken about previously, and I still have moments of it now. Labelled as high maintenance for my love of fake hair, nails and tan, getting a few beauty treatments done never fails to make me feel better and more like ‘old me’. The first Christmas that I spent with Dean, he bought me my own salon grade spray tan machine, and it’s honestly one of the best things anyone has ever bought me. I have seriously had my money’s worth and am in need of a new one now. But it’s funny how something as simple as that can lift your mood.

When Abiee at Velour Aesthetics contacted me about reviewing her business, I was way too excited! I booked in for a consultation and loved Abiee from the moment we met. Her bubbly, warm character put me right at ease. She’s the type of person I’d go for a cocktail with.

At the consultation, Abiee talked through the options (micro blading, ombre, combi brows) and explained the process, what to expect and healing times. She also did a skin test to check I wasn’t allergic to the ink! We went for the combination brow rather than just microblading as it’s the newer, more popular form of semi permanent makeup, combining microblading with machine shading to create a fuller but still natural looking brow.

Abiee explained that this type was good for anyone with sparse or over plucked brows, alopecia, cancer survivors and anyone else just sick of doing their brows every day. They would last up to a year!

A few weeks later I went back for my first appointment. I was pretty nervous about the pain. We chose a colour together to suit my skin tone and hair colour. Abiee mapped out my brows using a ruler and pen to measure and outline where my new brows would be. She then used some numbing cream, although I have to admit, it didn’t work too well for me and when she started micro blading, I felt every stroke! Even so, the pain was manageable and over in minutes. The tattoo machine actually didn’t turn on so I couldn’t get the ombre bit done at my first appointment. I was booked back in 4 weeks later to give the micro blading a chance to heal.

I didn’t notice much in way of healing apart from my brows felt hot for a day or so afterwards.

At my next appointment Abiee went over the micro blading again to deepen the colour, then, as she had bought a new tattooing machine, she filled my brows in. Surprisingly, I hardly felt a thing! And it was the tattooing I was most worried about. This appointment took around an hour and a half. The healing was more noticeable this time, with my brows scabbing over a few days later. I was given some ointment to put on them when this happened which soothed the soreness and itching. But within 6 days they had fully healed and were looking amazing.

4 weeks later I went back for my top up. This just involved Abiee going over my brows with micro blading and tattooing again to enrich the colour so it will last a lot longer. It didn’t take as long as the last appointment. The healing was similar to the time before and my brows were fully healed within 6 days. Just in time for my birthday weekend!

Before and after

I’m really happy with my brows and it’s cut down the time it takes me to get ready so much. I feel more like myself in the mornings because #iwokeuplikethis

I’d highly recommend going to see Abiee for a consultation if you’re thinking of getting your brows done. The care and attention she gives to her clients is fantastic. I was included in all of the details and was given a detailed after care sheer with ointment to help with the healing.

There is loads more info and FAQs on Abiee's website www.velouraesthetics.co.uk.

Quote voucher code NAMG40 for £40 off microblading, ombré or combination brows too!

*This blog includes gifted treatments but all opinions are my own.*

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