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#Ad Finding reputable childcare in your area.

I find discussing childcare is quite a controversial topic. Everyone's opinion is different and there are so many available these days! Between everyone's advice and the array of options it can be difficult to decide what's best for your child.

I'd not given childcare a second thought before having Teddy, for obvious reasons, but now, I feel uneasy leaving my boy with a stranger for any amount of time. Even the thought of dropping him off to nursery for the first time puts me on edge. Something I need to get used to as I return to work in October!! It must be Mama Bear making an appearance.

But what do you do when you have no other option? Not everyone has local family members around them to help.

Or a partner to share the responsibility. Or what do you do when you just need a few hours without the kids?

Dean and I have already secured Teddy's nursery place but we have limited options when it comes to finding babysitters. Sometimes you just want a romantic dinner with your partner to remind each other that you love them regardless of the little time you spend without the children don't you!

We've recently found childcare.co.uk which is the UK's largest online community of parents, childcare providers, household helpers, schools and private tutors. The website has a postcode search facility so you can find local professionals. There is information on what you documentation you should ask to see before employing anyone and help with average costs per service.

What I like about childcare.co.uk is the written parent reviews. The website also offers a secure messaging service so you can speak to potential employees until you feel safe to communicate outside the platform.

We've been having a look at the local babysitters listed on the site and there are 108 listed within 2 miles of our home. So lots of choice! Each listing has a detailed profile, with the parent reviews at the bottom. There is information on the documents they can provide and the qualifications they hold. We are able to send each person a direct message (they can also send you messages) and like individual profiles. The liked profiles get added to your 'My Favourites' section in your account.

I'm still very hesitate to book someone but after looking through the website, seeing how user friendly it is and reading some of the profiles, my mind is a bit more at ease with the idea. We will definitely be revisiting the babysitter search with childcare.co.uk

Have you used their service? What did you think?

*This blog is sponsored but all opinions are my own.*

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