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#Ad Glasses Direct; A customer's journey

Dean and I have worn glasses since we were kids. When we were in our early teens, frames were very different to what is available today!

Already the uncool kid, having crooked teeth, hand-me-down clothes and my head in a book, adding a pair of spex to the mix was a certain death wish at school for me. NHS free frames all the way! (High five to the NHS, you're wonderful, but those frames!!!!).

Fast forward a few years, giving me time to find my personal style and work out how to wear a pair of frames to show my personality, having glasses became a very different ball game. People began to wear frames as a fashion statement, not just because they needed them to see. I didn't see that coming..... (geddit?!).

Nowadays, it isn't just 'one size fits all'. Frames come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours. As individual as people and Glasses Direct provide the variety and prices that allow everyone to make there statement.

I loved the ease of deciding on frames with Glasses Direct. You can order up to 4 pairs to trial at home, which takes the guess work out of what will suit your face shape. I've learnt that I need a bigger frame to go with my round face and chubby cheeks!

It took two lots of home trials for me to decide on my London Retro Radley frames but I love them so much. The last few pairs I've had have been thick black or coloured frames, so I feel like I've gone for a different look with these gold metal rimmed ones.

Dean also picked a pair and went for a bigger frame than he used to wear. He chose the Scout Vincent style. Doesn't he look lush?!

Glasses Direct are doing a fantastic festive offer at the moment where you can get 50% of frames plus a free second pair!! Just use the code SEASON

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