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We have been sent some Chubbi Egg Crayons and a Sensory Ribbon Dance Hoop from Little Learners UK to start doing pre writing activities with Teddy.

They came with a mark making guide to compliment the eggs too. The Little Learners UK programme centres around four fun mark maker characters - Lionel, Archie, Swirlo & Ziggy who all represent their own 'mark'. 

Teddy was very excited when we brought the eggs out and started making his little monkey noises that are currently how he expresses his joy!

Teddy spent a while picking and swapping the colours, trying out the eggs on the paper then throwing them on the floor. He even said 'Mmmmm' and tried to eat a few of them! It was something fun to distract him after his 1 year injections this afternoon too and we sat as a family in his playroom to encourage him to try the crayons. They were very easy for him to hold and use, with the egg shape.

Teddy loves the Sensory Ribbon Dance Hoop too. He had something similar when he was tiny and it was his favourite thing for a while so he reacted with a happy familiarity to seeing the one we were sent by Little Learners UK.

How cute is three month old Teddy with his first ribbon ring

As well as selling educational messy play resources, Little Learners have also developed a unique prewriting programme that is taught through messy play & mark making classes, UK wide. The award winning classes were designed by a qualified teacher for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to learn to write through play. They focus on motor skills and physical development.

They also run in Australia too! 

If you're interested in the classes but can't find one near you, you could always look into running your own Little Learners franchise in your local area!!!!

You can get your own 8 pack of Chubbi Egg Crayons for £7.99 and a Sensory Ribbon Dance Hoop for £3.99 from Little Learners UK.

We're at the start of our mark making journey with Teddy but we're looking forward to doing more of it with him and seeing his enjoyment grow.

*This blog includes gifted items but all opinions are my own.*

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