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#Ad New Hair Day

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

The daily struggle

Nearly 9 months into Motherhood and taming my tree hair is no longer even a sidebar on my (long) list of priorities.

I'm usually found sipping coffee in baggy clothes and sporting a Mum Bun,

Although, I'm looking forward to sprucing up in a few weeks when I return to work (pulls a sad face, but also a secret happy face for adult company and time without a baby on my body.......).

B.T. (Before Ted) I thought everything I'd heard about 'being a Mum' was such a cliche. I was sure that I'd definitely get to do all of the things I'd consider as my own personal self care rituals on a regular basis. I was, what you'd describe as, High Maintenance. My husband says it's one of the things he loved about me when we met. However, I think he had changed his mind when he realised the spray tan, fake nails, lash application schedule I stuck to, and that he was now having to assist with it as my beauty sous chef. But the reality of it is that I use a can of Batiste every other week and spend my days covered in porridge that my beautiful, wonderful baby boy has sneezed on me, or, his new fave, spat on me as he blows a raspberry just as I put the spoonful of porridge to his mouth. *eye rolls*

So, when I was invited over to Black Sheep Sutton Coldfield for a revamp, I JUMPED at the chance. My sister in law always goes to their salon so I knew their reputation was good.

Obligatory foils selfie

I'd been planning to head back to blonde for a while but with my statutory maternity pay at an end as of July, we need to save the pennies,

I was patiently waiting for the moment I'd have some disposable income again (will that moment ever come?!) to book an appointment.

The staff at Black Sheep were so friendly and welcoming. I was sat in front of a huge GORGEOUS golden mirror hanging on a brick wall. I'm obsessed with the decor of the place.

I had a full head of highlights, toner and a cut. Only a little cut though as I'm growing my hair out so I don't have to pay a billion dollars (said in my head in the voice of Gold Finger from Austin Powers, obviously) for hair extensions again (even though I miss my mermaid locks SOOOOOOOO much).

It took a few hours but I left the salon with lighter hair, feeling like a new woman and Not Just A Mum.

I mean, the mane went back in to a Mum Bun within the next 24 hours but I made sure that I got a lot of swooshing and hair flicking in before that.

Before and After

My hair wasn't as blonde as I was expecting but I get that this is going to be a journey back to Blondeville.

I'll keep you posted throughout my dark to light transformation.

New customers at Black Sheep get 25% off their first visit. If you refer a friend they get 25% and you get £5 off your next appointment.


*This blog includes a gifted service but all opinions are my own.*

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