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#Ad Pink Parcel - It's a monthly thing

Does anyone else always forget to stock up on femcare products? I have a head like a sieve most of the time so I'm forever forgetting things. I have a lot of lists around the house (that I forget about.....).

It's crazy that talking about periods is still such a taboo subject. As unpleasant and sometimes inconvenient as they can be, they're natural and necessary.

I was asked to review the Pink Parcel period subscription box and it's such a great idea.

Each month you get a box full of products sent straight to your door, on your chosen delivery date.

They offer several subscription packages to chose from and you can chose from the femcare brands that you know and trust, opting for a mixture of sanitary pads and tampons.

From £5.00 per month can you get all of the femcare products you'd need (sanitary pads and tampons).

From £8.00 per month you get all of the lifestyle products sent to you for a bit of pampering.

From £11 per month you get All Of It. Femcare and lifestyle products bundled into one handy package. Like a gift to yourself.

In the August box I got a selection of winged sanitary pads (normal and night) and such a great variety of lifestyle products. The contents of the box were definitely worth a lot more that the £11 for the All Of It subscription. I've found some brands I@d not heard of before and products I'd like to buy again.

I have to say, I loved receiving a box of goodies just for me! IT's hard to treat yourself whilst you're only receiving statutory maternity pay (#mumlife #amirightladies). I'm sure I've mentioned it before (LOL), but there isn't much time to spend on self care now I have a 9 month old hanging off my body all day like a little monkey baby. So, getting these products made me prioritise it, even if it was just for one day!

I took some time out to use the Minus417 facemask, which made my skin feel AMAZING! I'm a big facemask fan! I have really oily, spotty skin in general so I was pleased that this product made my face feel really matte. And, a little went a long way. You get a good few masks in the tube. I think I'll be looking at the other skincare products they offer.

I loved the Mudmasky hair mask and scalp treatment too. It's a 3 in 1 formula that strengthens, repairs and hydrates your hair. A god send for me after years of bleach and heat. I@m trying to look after my hair a bit more these days too. When I was younger, I wouldn't think twice to bleaching and dying my hair in a weekend or using the iron (yes, the iron!!) to straighten my hair. Although is that showing my age? We didn't have fancy straighteners when I was a kid. I remember a friend helping me 'iron' my hair once and she automatically pressed the steam button....... It didn't end well for me.

There is definitely something special about having half an hour's soak in a bubble bath with a few home treatments (and a glass of gin, cheers bab) that resets and relaxes you.

It was like a mini spa moment, something all Mums need more of! Shall we start a Me Time revolution? We can strike until we all get more R and R.

Another of my faves from this box was the Lyons coffee bag. I am a self proclaimed coffee snob, thanks to my connoisseur Husband, the man who owns 6 coffee machines.

So, to find a coffee product that tastes good, but doesn't need to be ground in a machine before I drink it, wins my vote. It was like having a filter coffee in a bag. Very convenient.

I'll be stocking up on more of these for my return to work as the office only has instant coffee - something that is undrinkable in my opinion!!

All in all, I was really impressed with this subscription box. It's really good value for money and you get so much included. IT also stopped me having to write more lists to remember to buy my femcare products! One less thing for this super busy Mama to worry about.

What do you think? Would you have your sanitary pads and tampons delivered to your door?

*This blog includes gifted items but all opinions are my own.*

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