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#Ad The Botanist menu review

We were invited to try The Botanist's new menu last week in Birmingham. I took my Mum for a girl date and we had such a feast.

The Birmingham branch is somewhere I've only been for a drink previously but the food we had was delicious. There's such a good new menu, offering some great pub staples, including loads of veggie and vegan options.

There's such a warm, pub-style atmosphere in there. It's very cosy, and, as we hid in there from the rain, it was a welcome haven.

The cocktails have always intrigued me so we started with a round of them whilst we decided on what to order. We had a Miracle Bulb and a Thai Chilli Crush. The presentation was impressive and they tasted great!

After taking ages to decide on our food choices (everything sounded soooooo good!) I opted for the salt and pepper wings to start, which came in the cutest little picnic basket, and Mum had one of the vegan choices - cauliflower wings, which were so nice I got food envy. Luckily for me, she's a sharer!

The portions were so generous. We could have potentially shared one starter but both were really nice.

After the wings, we decided it was time for another cocktail round. We tried the Botanist Pornstar and the Raspberry Disaronno Sour. I think the Disaronno one was my overall fave. I loved the taste and the theatrics of the smoke was fantastic. I felt like I was drinking a delicious science experiment.

The main event was my cup of tea. I had the buttermilk chicken burger and Mum had the bangers and mash with onion gravy. I rarely turn down a chicken burger on a menu. I like to think of myself as somewhat of a chicken burger connoisseur and this one did not disappoint. The jalapenos cheese made a nice change and the properly seasoned chips were the best accompaniment. You can't go wrong with garlic! Mum's bangers and mash was delicious too (had to taste it, didn't I!!). Both dishes were huge and I want to eat them again.

If you know me at all, you'll know that no dining experience is complete without dessert! Having looked at the menu earlier that day, I'd been really looking forward to having the pudding platter. What could be better than having four different desserts, instead of just one?!!

However, my little, cake heart was broken when I was told they didn't have it in (sad face emoji). I then hastily chose the brownie hanging kebabs.....to be told they were also unavailable. My third choice was the bread and butter pudding, but, you guessed it, out of stock.

I did, however, get my fourth choice of apple and cherry crumble with ice cream which tasted like Christmas. Mum went for the stick toffee pudding which looked hearty. She enjoyed it too.

Overall, the warm welcome we got, the helpful staff that waited on us, the fantastic food and the impressive cocktails made for a really nice girl date with my Mum. We'd definitely return, especially to sample more of the cocktail menu and try get my hands on that elusive pudding platter!!!

We went on a Friday evening, but they are very family friendly and have a kids menu full of proper pub classics. For £6.95 you can get a main, a mini salad and a dessert for your little one.

You can get 1/3 off your bill by booking via this link too!

Let us know what you think if you try it!!

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