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#Ad The Snowman at Coventry Cathedral

Christmas 2018

I know, I know, It's only September! But, I like to be organised and get my Christmas hat on early. I'm That Person doing their Christmas shopping in the Summer and getting it all wrapped by Halloween. I just think it's the best time of the year. 

Last Christmas was a whirlwind for us. Teddy was nearly 3 weeks old and we were still getting used to being a family of three. We didn't do much, apart from see a few family members.

This year will be a bit better though. We're booking in some festive activities and family days out early so we have lots to look forward to. Teddy won't really know what's going on until next year I imagine but we will still have fun together. 

© Snowman Enterprises Limited

One of the things we have planned is a trip to see a live music performance of The Snowman.

Is it classed as a classic in your house too?

I think it's going to be so Christmassy to see this iconic film, accompanied by a live orchestra, in the beautiful setting of Coventry Cathedral.

The orchestra is drawn from some of the Countries' top musicians.

When I was studying for my Music A Level, I'd always go to see the local orchestra's  (Birmingham and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestras) so I'm really looking forward to experiencing some good orchestral music again.

Photography © Gareth Widdowson

I think the last time must have been when Dean and I first met. I took him to see Vivaldi's Four Seasons by Candlelight at a Cathedral in Birmingham.

It was so romantic, although I had to sit through it covered in Dean's venti americano after a nervous mishap before the concert!!

The live show will even have a young soloist performing the hugely famous Walking In The Air song. Everyone has attempted it, right?! It always gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. It's such a beautiful song.

Photography © Tom Bangbala

As well as The Snowman, there will be a second animation, specially commissioned by Carrot Productions to further complete the festive trip.

We've taken Teddy to quite a few shows and he's always loved them so we're hoping that sharing this Christmas magic with him will maybe spark a Stew family tradition for each Christmas to come. 

The Snowman is only on for one date at Coventry Cathedral, with two showings, so book your tickets quickly!!

You can get your tickets HERE for 7th December 2019. There will be a showing at 2pm and 4:30pm.

What are your family Christmas traditions?

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