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#Ad Babyled Food spreads and cooking with Ted

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

You’ve probably seen on our socials that we’ve been weaning Teddy for a few weeks now. We've been having a lot of fun with food and it's pushed us to cook a bit more as we try to make sure Ted tries lots of different things. So when we were asked to try out some spreads from Babyled Food we jumped at the chance.

We were sent five different flavours and I have to say, I wish the jars had been bigger as they were DELICIOUS!

I, obviously, had a cheeky taste of everything we made!

Initially, we were a bit boring and just spread the tangy blueberry on some biscotti.

This was a big hit with Ted, who, at that point, had mainly had purees as we had only just begun dipping our toes into baby led weaning. I think it was probably our anxiety over choking that made us start so slowly with Teddy. But after reading more about it, learning that ''it helps fine-tune motor development: supports the development of eye-hand coordination, chewing skills, dexterity, and healthy eating habits'' (www.parents.com), we felt we needed to try it.

We returned to the Babyled Food Instagram page and found lots of inspiration for recipes we could use the spreads in and got our cook on!

We mixed avocado, red pepper and tomato spread and baby pasta. This went down well, and all over Teddy, the highchair and half of our lounge............

Then we made apple and pumpkin pancakes. These were great as snacks and we froze some too.

Then we made sweet and savoury pinwheels with the red lentil & sweet potato and raspberry & beetroot spreads. It was like having pizza and cake.

The pinwheels have become a family favourite in the Stew House and we've made them several times since, using different sauce and food combos. We're big pastry fans!

We really liked that Babyled Food is a family venture, using good ingredients to enhance what you would already be feeding you baby. They have a growing list of different flavoured spreads to choose from. We will definitely be ordering some more. If you spend over £30 you get free p&p too!

They try to limit their impact on the environment, both by manufacturing effectively and when choosing materials. They also support the Bliss charity.

So, if you're looking for some baby food inspiration, something different and convenient to use when cooking for your little one or a eco conscious product to add to your pantry, Babyled Food spreads have the Not Another Mum Group seal of approval!!

Let us know if you use their spreads in your weaning meals and tag #notanothermumgroup in your posts! We'd love some more recipe inspiration.

*This blog includes gifted items but all opinions are my own.*

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