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Balancing Mum life with the hustle by Naakaree Griffits

Since I was about 20 years of age, I have been extremely driven, creating my first youtube channel based on beauty, I uploaded regular content and soon gained a following of over 3000 people, who were as obsessed with beauty and makeup as I was. My love for the beauty industry led me to complete a diploma in beauty therapy, which in turn led me to start up my own beauty brand KBS Cosmetics.

I took my passion and combined it with marketing, taking my line of cosmetics to hair salons and beauty parlours, selling my products, anywhere that would take them on.

Though due to bullying from my peers and a long term relationship breaking down, I decided to take down my youtube channel (which contained a lot of footage of my ex). To this day, I regret the decision and have since created a new channel. Since that time, I have taken KBS Cosmetics to IMATS Sydney, which was a massive achievement for me, selling my products to thousands of beauty lovers across the country, and meeting fellow beauty-tubers, it was like a dream come true. Over a few years, I turned KBS Cosmetics into a beauty bar (KBS beauty bar), and a magazine, KBS Magazine.

The combination of KBS Magazine, along with publishing my first novella - Two Minds, took my love of writing to a whole new level, overtaking my love for the beauty aspect of the business. This revelation coming to me, I decided to focus more on writing, reviewing beauty products, as well as writing lifestyle articles. I decided to go to journalism school to pursue my love for writing further. Journalism had always been in the back of my mind,, loving cosmopolitan magazine during school, and always picking up each new issue at the small train station news agency on the way to school. At one point in my life, I think I was around 20, I wrote to Leigh Campbell, the beauty editor, asking her how I could have the job that she has, to which she replied, “A degree in Journalism would help.” This advice always stuck with me. Finally, I was a beauty editor of a magazine, my own magazine. I was receiving products from brands with hopes of me reviewing them, I was working with other freelance writers and photographers, it was a dream come true.

My life took a turn when I found out I was pregnant, near the end of my Journalism course. My partner and I had decided to try for a baby when we had come back from travelling to Europe (I took a career break from university for three months). I was over the moon, a baby of my own. I was 6 weeks into my pregnancy and didn’t have any morning sickness, which my mother had said I would have, as she did. But she was wrong, and I was stoked about that. As my pregnancy went on and continued the hustle, I began to become sick, horrid morning sickness that lasted well into the third trimester. And when the sickness ended, I had pelvic separation, which was extremely painful and made it difficult for me to walk for long periods and travel into the city for university, three hours away from home. Though my strong will and determined spirit kept me going, and I continued the magazine and my course. When it all became too much, I organised to finish my study via distance.

When my baby was born, I was so happy. He was so beautiful and slept most of the time,

allowing me to jump back into writing full swing. I wrote my second book in two months and began the magazine website back up. Though as time went on, his sleeping became broken and I became very stressed out and tired, as did my partner. My partner was a huge help to me and when it came time for him to go back to work, I felt lost and scared. My will to write was there, strong, and I was finding it difficult to balance motherhood and writing. My worst nightmare was falling behind in the game and being forgotten. 10 months have now passed since I had my baby, and while I have come to a routine to fit in my writing, my hustle, with motherhood, it constantly changes as he develops and has more ‘awake’ time. I fit in writing where I can and often feel defeated on days when I can’t get any done. That defeat is often accompanied by guilt. Guilt for not being able to write as much as the fire inside me desires, and guilt for wanting this so much, when my baby also needs me and the desire for wanting to be a great mum to him. Though there are a lot of tears in my days, when I look at the bigger picture, I want my child to grow up knowing that his mum worked hard to fulfil her dreams with the hope to one day be able to support him and her family with the means of doing what she loves, hoping that he will too take on that drive to become a man filled with passion to follow his dreams.

Currently, I am working on my third book, a fantasy novel, and working on the next issue of KBS Magazine at the same time. While I have gathered a new routine, of waking up an hour before my baby at the tender hour of 5 am, I know that on days when he also wakes at that time and I don’t get to do any writing, I now will just breath and be thankful that I get to be a mum to this gorgeous boy of mine and look at how much I have accomplished so far. If you have a dream to pursue and are looking after a little one at the same time, just know that you can do it. Follow your drive and passion, and be the best mum that you can be.

Find me & and my books here - www.naakareewrites.com

Find KBS Magazine here - www.thekbsmagazine.com (You can read all issues digitally for free or purchase a print edition).

Find me on Instagram - @naakaree

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