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#Ad Body Positivity with The Healthy Mummy

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

If you've followed my blog or posts, you'll know I champion the Mum Bod. So, I was honoured to be invited to The Healthy Mummy's UK body positivity photoshoot in London this week. What a day it was!

The last of three shoots (The first two were in Australia and New York - what a tour!) was full of laughter and positive vibes.

Rhian, the founder of The Healthy Mummy, was so welcoming and swept me up into the whirlwind of the day. The event focused on showing the incredible results of 6 Mums who had used The Healthy Mummy programme to get healthier after having a baby.

The programme was set up by Rhian when she was pregnant with her first baby and found there was no support system just for Mums.

Her approach focuses on realistic goals, quick workouts and healthy meals to empower Mums to take back control of their bodies and also have some time to focus on themselves.

I covered the event on Instagram stories, took photos of everyone and everything, mingled with make up artists, the chef, other Instagram bloggers ( I met @realmumreview and @honestmum - both so lovely!) and had a chat with Nadia Sawalha from Loose Women!

There was a chef there all day cooking recipes from The Healthy Mummy programme, and I think that's what's made me a convert! I'm looking forward to making the chocolate weetabix cakes at home. Ooo and the apricot rice krispie slices! They were delicious.

The smoothies were there to try too!

The UK team were so helpful and showed me the app which has some great features. There are workouts that start from ten minutes long to help you fit it into your day, themed meal plans, and - my favourite feature - a shopping list that populates from the meal plans you select. I'm hopeless at doing the food shopping, as my husband will tell you. We end up spending a fortune on random things but nothing to actually make complete meals so this would be perfect for me!

For me, personally, I'm struggling with the changes in my body from having Teddy. 7 months down the line and I'm still unable to do too much exercise due to some trauma from giving birth. In my head, I'd given myself until Teddy was 6 months old to recover before I considered getting back to exercise. I've never been a slim person (I'm chubby, but happy) but I enjoy eating healthy, exercising and have spent so much money on nice clothes, that I'm desperate to fit back into them by the time I return to work in October.

What I liked about the programme as a whole was how accessible everything has been made. Quick workouts, a huge variety of healthy meals and a price options to suit every budget.

All aspects of the 'Mum Life' have been taken into account when designing it. I recently read that the mental load of a Mother is approximately the same as doing three full time jobs. We have to consider, remember and do most things. So, time for ourselves is short and rare. So,isn't it nice to know someone has considered your life as a Mum when creating something?!

The support offered by Rhian and her team is fantastic too. There are support groups on Facebook with a huge amount of members interacting with each other.

The 6 Mums involved in the photoshoot were holding their before photos whilst showcasing their new found confidence in underwear and swimsuits. And the confidence in the room felt limitless. There was such an infectious atmosphere.

It's definitely a product I would talk to other Mums about and will be trying myself.

We got some of the smoothies and durance bands in a goody bag too so I'm all set. I just need to dig out my will power, polish my motivation and get going!!

You can download a free budget friendly meal plan and exercise pack on The Healthy Mummy website, no strings attached.

Have you tried The Healthy Mummy programme? We'd love you to share your results with us!

*This blog includes gifted items but all opinions are my own.*

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