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Bring Your Own Baby Comedy review

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

We don't get much baby free time, if any! For months, Dean and I have been talking about arranging a date night. No baby. Just the two of us being a married couple again. Not Mummy and Daddy, just for a few hours. Some much needed time to connect. Alas, this has still not happened (although we do have a date in the diary now yippee).

A good second best was to find something for us, where we could bring Teddy along too. We used to go to a local comedy club a few times a month before Ted arrived so when we heard about Bring Your Own Baby Comedy we were definitely interested. You need a baby to get into the show, so Teddy had to come anyway!

BYOB Comedy is the brainchild of two comedians who wanted to create a place for parents to watch comedy without having to get childcare.

The material is of an adult nature so there is an age limit of 15 months for the babies. It's like being ID'd on a night out, but in reverse. Oh how I miss being ID'd. It's been a while!

We went to the show at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham City Centre.

It took place in the foyer (where they do the free children's music sessions if you've ever been to them). The place was packed. Lots of parents, grandparents and babies. Teddy even fell asleep just after the show started....score!

Have you ever noticed that, regardless of whether you're a parent or not, if you hold a baby you automatically start to sway? Behind the seats at the show was a sea of swaying adults with babes in their arms. That just added to the atmosphere for me. Everyone was in the same boat. We were sailing the crazy, unpredictable, parenthood sea together.

There was a compare and two acts (Tom Taylor and Andrea Hubert) who were great. Although, the compare, Chris Purchase, a local from Lichfield, was possibly the funniest of them all. The comedic version of the fairest of them all, but without having to look mental asking questions into a mirror).

The atmosphere was really relaxed, with families free to

feed and change babies

whilst the show was on.

There's a Starbucks on site

at the Birmingham venue

too (Husband's fave - #coffeesnob) so it brought together several of our favourite, and necessary, things. Caffeine and laughter.

And ermehgerd did we laugh! The humour was definitely a bit of us. We love silly, inappropriate jokes. I've started to notice that I look older these days - part of becoming a parent?! - but I think I gave myself some extra wrinkles at the show from laugh-crying. We even saw some Not Another Mum Group Mums at the show!An

Have you been? You should go!

You may find Dean and I at the upcoming BYOB Comedy shows at the Birmingham Symphony Hall

Friday Oct 11th - Fabulous Foyer show! 

Wed Dec 4th - Christmas Spectacular in the Main Symphony Hall - with special Guest 'The Funny Mummy' plus ball pit, soft play and christmas fun for everyone! 

If you're in a different area, check out their website for a show local to you and give their Facebook page a like.

Let us know what you think if you've been!

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