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Dining By Dad - Recipe for the best burger buns EVER!

My name is Aairon I’ve got 3 mostly wonderful kids James 10, Maisie 2 and Eli 1 (I’m not going to sugar coat anything we’re all parents and bloody hell it is a challenge at times), but I've got the misses, Hayley to support me especially since I’ve had to start working from home… 

I’m a Chef by the way and left full time employment at probably the worst possible time to do so to follow the self employment dream 2 weeks before the Hospitality industry was put on hold, and more less over a 48 hour period all business that I had managed to muster VANISHED!

At the time  of course I s*** myself 3 kids, house, Hayley, bills to pay as did the rest of the world. 

So I did what most in the country did, got drunk and felt a bit sorry for myself. 

About 2 weeks in however and sick of screaming kids whilst nursing hangovers and realising I had the opportunity to get to truly connect with my family, I was always envious of Hayley, she always had a better connection with them, well she has been on maternity for the past 3 years, She’s a nurse by the way, when she’s not pregnant.

At the start of lockdown we made the obligatory rainbows and salt dough hand prints, we clapped and cried, argued and consoled, but most of all we barbecued having the kids in the kitchen making burgers, and then the buns (remember when the bread ran out) see them get more than just fed out of it was a real treat and although Eli is a little too young he enjoyed stirring the empty pans with the little whisk on his Buzz and Woody blanket, on the flour trodden floor, the remains of Maisie kneading the dough, she’s a natural that one! James, although reluctant at first as the scales weren’t connected to the WiFi and didn’t need the controls up-down-up-down-left-left-square to work, finally got the hang of it and actually enjoyed human contact in a light room.

After supervision over the hellish coals we all enjoyed the collective fruits of our labour, a staple of entertainment for the weeks to come and the realisation that it was going to be hard but ultimately a new experience and what you make of it.

Recipe For The Best Burger Buns Ever!


Flour 460g

Yeast 14g

Sugar 30g

Baby Milk Formula 30g

Salt 9g

Melt Butter 41g

Luke warm water 220g

Egg yolk 

Sesame Seed 


Add all dry interments to a large mixing bowl ensuring salt and yeast do not touch (the salt will kill the yeast) 

Make a well in the centre and add butter and majority of the  warm water and then a little at a time  until you get a soft workable doe.

Knead by hand for 15mins or until smooth and elastic.

Cover bowl with cling film and leave to stand in a warm space for an hour or until doubled in size.

Knock the dough back (give it another knead until smooth and the same size when you started)

When the dough has doubled in size one again carefully empty onto a clean work surface and cut into 6-8 depending on size require lumps and form them into a ball.

Place on a baking tray and cover with cling film again living enough space in-between to allow them to grow again. Carefully brush with egg yolk and sprinkle with seeds (kids love that bit).

Bake for 20 minutes at 220oC.

Serve warm with Cheesy-Burgery-Goodness.

Aairon will be sharing a new, family friendly recipe each month for you to try with your kids. PLease let us know if you try any of the recipes and tag #notanothermumgroup in your social media posts so we can show you some love!

You can find Aairon over at Dining By Dalton and on Instagram

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