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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Five Subscription Boxes to keep kids entertained during the summer holidays! 

With the summer holidays about to start across the UK, you may be wondering how you are going to keep the kiddies entertained for six whole weeks! But don’t worry, we have the perfect solution to keep them occupied..

If you think about how much fun kids have at summer camps with all the organised activities, there’s now a way to bring this fun into your home for all the family to enjoy! Subscription Boxes for Kids can provide endless joy and laughter so why not encourage your kids to put down their ipads and other devices so they can engage in some hands-on fun with an artistic, crafty or educational activity box for kids?

As an added bonus, if your children can get involved in your family subscription box activities together, this is a great way to teach them how to share and play together whilst it’s also some quality bonding time for you as a family too! 

Here are Five Subscription Boxes that you may want to invest in to keep your children busy over the summer months: 

1. Toucan Subscription Box - Kids Craft Activities for Ages 3- 8

Price from £5.95

What you’ll get in the box: 

The founders of Toucan Box know that children learn best by ‘doing’ and having fun so in every box you will receive a crafty kit to make something exciting such as a king & queen crown, colourful modern art, a dinosaur dress up outfit, a bird feeder and much much more. It’s time to get creative! 

Shop the Toucan Box Here 

2. Mini Earthlings Subscription Box - Bath Treats for Kids 

Price from £12.99

What you’ll get in the box: 

Mini Earthlings promotes independence in self-care and personal hygiene from an early age so your kiddies can enjoy making bath time even more fun by creating their very own environmentally friendly bath products. That way, they can be proud that they have contributed to their very own bath time regime! 

Shop The Mini Earthlings Box Here 

3. Ready Steady Paint - Artistic Fun & Discovery 

Price from £12.99

What you’ll get in the box: 

Ready Steady Paint provides children with a chance to put down their electronic devices and do something that inspires, nurtures talent and encourages creativity. With quality painting materials and expert art tuition, it’s the perfect opportunity for your children to create their very own masterpiece! 

Shop The Ready Steady Paint Box Here

4. Honeywell Bakes - Baking Recipe Kits


Price from £10.99

What you’ll get in the box: 

If you love to bake with the little ones, you’ll love this Young Bakers subscription box featuring all the pre-weighed ingredients and a step by step recipe card to create a delicious bake! This will make the whole baking process a little less messy and the box also includes a puzzle or activity to complete whilst the bake is in the oven too!

Shop The Honeywell Bakes box Here 

5. The Bookabees Box - Books & Activities - Ages 0-11

Price from £4.99 

What you’ll get in the box: 

Want to inspire your child to love reading? Bookabees is a really exciting way to encourage reading and each month you will receive a personalised box with their name on featuring brilliant books that have been hand-picked by an educational expert based on your child's age, likes and reading ability. They also include fun activities to get them cutting, sticking, drawing and playing to break up the reading! 

Shop the Bookabees Box Here

Want to see our full range of Subscription Boxes? You can take a look at our Kids Collection here

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