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Guest Blogger: Jennifer Wilcock, Tropic Skincare

Natural is best

There’s nothing like getting pregnant to make you step back and think about what you are eating, putting into your body, what you put onto your body and what atmosphere you breathe in!

I don’t know about you other mama’s but when I’m pregnant I go into overdrive. First time round (5 years ago) I worked in a doctors surgery and I have to say I was a little less worried about certain things. One thing I do recall I used to do was hold my breath if I passed anyone who was smoking, I was worried it would be harming my unborn child. I’m sure I looked super strange holding my breath and walking as quickly as I could in the opposite direction. I’m also sure some of you can relate and you have your own little stories of the ever so slightly crazy things you did while pregnant.

Anyway this time last year I was pregnant a second time with my baby boy and I’ve got to admit I became a lot more aware of what I was doing. I became more conscious of the cleaning products I was using and potentially breathing in (quite often as I like a good clean) and I started thinking about the chemicals I was putting on my body and whether they would soak into my skin and eventually get through to the baby.

So I began researching, asking questions and really thinking about what I was putting onto my body every single day. One of my most valuable downloads which I’d like to share with you was an app called @thinkdirty. On there is a whole host of info on cleaning products, skincare, hair care, make-up etc etc.

From that point I started scanning some of the products on my bathroom shelf I had to find out what was clean and what was “dirty” (laden with harmful chemicals). I’m not going to list my personal findings but if you download the app yourself it’s really handy and you can have a scan of your own bathroom shelf - see how clean or how toxic even some of the “hypoallergenic” stuff is.

You can look for healthier alternatives on this app and search for things with a lot less harmful chemicals. Another really good feature is if you scan and they don’t have it on their ever expanding database, if you scan the barcode of a product and take a picture they will do their best to get it onto their system.

What I did want to share with you, which I think will benefit you all are some facts (I’ve picked a few) to think about and why you should be a bit more picky when it comes to skincare, body care and make-up. I’ve learnt these facts over the past year and I’ve got to admit I was rather oblivious previously. So here goes:

There are currently 85,000 chemicals developed for the US personal care market, and 80% of personal care products contain toxic chemicals that are carcinogenic (potentially cancer causing), or hormone disruptors. As the UK is very similar to the US we can assume these figures are roughly the same.

Most people believe, when you apply something on your skin, it simply just washes away when we get in the shower. But actually those products soak into our skin and get into our blood stream approx 26 seconds after applying.The average British woman applies 515 chemicals on to their body EVERY DAY from cosmetics such as hair care, body care and makeup!

A study on teenage girls found an average of 16 hormone altering cosmetic chemicals in their bodies - mainly chemicals that enter through the lips and eyes from toxic makeup.When our bodies are burdened by toxic chemicals, it interferes with our normal bodily functions and makes us more susceptible to skin conditions. The rate of eczema has risen 42% between 2001 and 2005. This fact is quite appropriate as I’m around so many mums at the moment with children who suffer from eczema I don’t remember it ever being so prevalent.

And finally, the most shocking of all, of all cancer cases, only 5-10% of diagnoses can be attributed to our genetics. The remaining 90-95% are related to our lifestyle choices and environmental factors such as smoking, diet, environmental pollutants etc.

A lot of these facts paint a scary picture don’t they, hence my little worry head during pregnancy. But realising the seriousness of situations is when we decide to actually make changes and stick with them. I’d heard of a fairly new company called Tropic Skincare and had bought a product or two from them because I liked the idea of them being natural. I’d gone to a roadshow and listened in but the more I looked into the company and the owner Susie Ma (Google her and have a read of her story - she’s incredible) the more I not only wanted to use all of their products but I also wanted to be an ambassador. Swapping to a natural beauty routine has been proven to detoxify our bodies. I can vouch for this because my skin is incredible at the moment compared to how it’s been in the past and considering I had my son 6 months ago. My hairs falling out and my nails are weak but my natural skincare routine has kept my skin glowing. I am honestly so impressed.

Not only does Tropic help with skin and body etc but the more people who switch means less people using toxic products which end up affecting the environment. I don’t need to give you facts and figures about that do I? We know the earth is in a critical situation with regards to pollution, landfill, chemicals and plastic in our oceans and so on.

So going back to my pregnant self last year getting all the feels while not just thinking about myself but about what world our children grow up in. Natural is best.

If you are looking to go natural, toxin free and for a company that is always striving to help this planet - then take a look at Tropic, get in contact with me I’ll always be happy to help. And even if you don’t, I’d recommend downloading @thinkdirty and just being ever so slightly more clued up on “green clean cosmetics”.

Hope this has been of help to you.



Did you worry about the chemicals you used whilst pregnant? Have you made the switch to natural? Or is this something that you don't mind?

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