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Guest Blogger: Linda Lilwall, Founder of FromBumps2Babies

Having a baby is such an exciting and life affirming time as a couple, and here at

frombumps2babies we have been privileged to share the journey through pregnancy labour

and birth with hundreds of couples over the last 10 years since the company was


For many women this is an equally terrifying time and often the first time that they have

engaged with health professionals to guide and navigate them through the process to birth

and beyond.

Some women report little contact with care providers or finding that the time with their

midwife is limited or rushed so that they are unable to get all of their questions answered.

In addition many women report seeing several midwives during pregnancy so they don’t feel that they can build a relationship as expected or get conflicting information.

Other couples report difficulties in getting any birth education classes booked up as there

are no spaces left or they are during the day so partners cannot attend or that they are too


Your body goes through some enormous physical changes to meet the need of the growing

baby and the cocktail of hormones that come into play can lead to aches and pains and

health issues which for some women make the pregnancy a little hard going!

Pregnancy can be a time when you positively bloom….but for some women they find

themselves positively wilting!!

Here at FromBumps2Babies we can guide you through this new experience with expertise

and up to date approaches We specialise in Positive birthing through our Hypnobirth mindset preparation classes, which help you to release fear anxiety and worries and to focus on the birth you desire and you can access this programme from the second Trimester of pregnancy if you wish.

Before 24 weeks pregnant we gather together for a monthly live workshop to discuss early

pregnancy challenges and to get you reassurance from other women that these minor

ailments are pretty normal and to share lots of ideas and remedies to make you more

comfortable. All of our classes have comprehensive notes to support your learning and they

are held at our cosy cottage in Boldmere which is a peaceful and tranquil space to come and

learn to relax and to soothe your body and mind!

Pregnancy massages are our specialism and receive rave reviews. Unlike the massages

provided in health and beauty spas these specialist treatments are remedial and involve soft

tissue release techniques to reduce pain around the back neck shoulders ribs and pelvis.

If the thought of going through pregnancy labour and birth is overwhelming you or your

partner then we offer the ultimate in reassurance and support with our midwife doula

service where we literally offer a hand to hold throughout the whole process and remain

with you throughout labour and birth to guide and reassure you so that you can focus on

your breathing and relaxation and leave us to deal with all the stuff around the edges!

People describe FromBumps2Babies as being a type of Wikipedia of midwifery as we have an

enormous resource library to draw upon and we are always happy to answer questions or

find answers and to advocate for you. This year sees the launch of our complete on-line

birthing programme allowing us to reach out further than Birmingham to couples needing

up to date and relevant birth information. Our first course entitled “Do you really need an

induction-examining the evidence and finding the courage to say no” is currently in


So whether you are expecting a baby or planning another pregnancy do check in with us as

we genuinely do love to help you!

“I cannot recommend Linda highly enough!!! I’m on my third pregnancy and truly wish I had met her 6 years ago when I was having my first. Her birth classes are fantastic.......I would highly recommend them all. Especially hypnobirthing! Her pregnancy massages are fantastic, her knowledge is just amazing! Being a nurse myself I know how important it is to feel comfortable and a connection with any sort of health or well being provider and trust me Linda is a great listener and makes you feel so very comfortable. Lastly if your looking for a doula service......look no further.......an experienced midwife with years of experience and all the up to date knowledge on medical interventions but able to provide the right environment for a natural birth. There couldn’t be a better person! “

Linda Lilwall

Registered Midwife

Founder of frombumps2babies.co.uk

Facebook/Instagram: FromBumps2Babies

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