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Guest Blogger: Sahidy S. - Founder of High Bless

I am a woman, wife, physiotherapist, mom and now a businesswoman, It sounds very good right? but if you want to know how this is achieved, you have to go back many years, leave your native country, learn a second language and start from scratch. 

I've been in England for 6 years, I have two babies and I've had several jobs that I never thought I would do in my life (although I'm a super warrior and all work dignifies, but I never would have thought). 

Regardless of the difficulties I have had, I always asked myself what else could I do? I was so eager to create something new, to help others, to write a thousand stories of our new life in a new country, to create a blog, I thought this a thousand times. 

After 2 years of being in England I uploaded my first video to YouTube, which is horrible but I liked creating my channel, I was creating content with my family vlogs and my community has been growing, which I really appreciate . 

This year, with the help and support of my husband, we created High Bless, a brand that empowers women with a message to inspire them in each shirt. High Bless comes up with the purpose of wearing a fabulous shirt and reminding women that, although it is not easy, we have the power to achieve whatever we want.

I am happy to learn something new every day and keep moving forward.

I'm still working on my dreams and I'll ask you, are you working on yours?

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