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Happy Mother's Day!

How many Mother's Days have you celebrated? Today is my first. My first Mother's Day. Saying it out loud still sounds weird to me. But this year I get to spend the day with my beautiful 4 month old son, Teddy.

Since his arrival, at the end of November, my life has been an overwhelming whirlwind. Learning how to be a mother and making sure Ted has everything he needs has been an uphill climb. At times it's been very lonely, especially when my husband (The Wonderful Dean) returned to work in January. I've been very fortunate to have had support from friends and family but nothing beats being able to chat to a fellow Mum who is experiencing the struggles and stresses at the same time that you are. So I set up a Facebook group in an attempt to meet local Mums. This took off with more vigor than expected and I can now class some extremely super Mums as my good friends. They have kept me company at 3am when I was up feeding Ted, they have been there to offer support and solidarity with the endless crying, and they've been a sounding board for when I've just needed to moan about how tired I am.

I started organising meet ups and group trips to local events which is where the idea for Not Another Mum Group grew from. The Mums I'd met said they found it difficult to find family friendly events and businesses all in one place. So here it is! And what better date to launch than Mother's Day!

We all want to feel connected and supported. That's what Not Another Mum Group aims to do. You will be able to find local events, suitable for babies and families. Plus information on Mum meet ups in your area. There will also be some shop links with exclusive discounts.

If you'd like to send in any event or product reviews that you think could be appropriate, feel free to get in touch on the Contact Us page.

Also, if there are any brands, businesses, or even Mums, that would like to feature on the site, I'd love to hear from you! You can even be a guest blogger by sending your completed article (including pictures) to info@notanothermumgroup.co.uk

We look forward to meeting more of you!

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