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How to Dress Your Postpartum Body and Find your Mum Style by Cate at Confident Stylings

It’s my mission to help everyone feel confident in their own style and their bodies. I want you to feel beautiful in whatever outfit you wear. Now, this can be a bit of a challenge when we’re not sure how to dress or what even looks good on us. Especially when your body’s gone through such a big change like childbirth.

Confidence can drop when your body changes and you feel like it doesn’t look the same anymore. You may even have a bit of an identity crisis. This can wreak havoc on our wardrobes. With feelings of insecurities making us second guess our outfit choices. Not to mention, not even having the time or energy to put into creating amazing and new outfits each morning!

Here are a few tips to help you style yourself confident and feel sassy and beautiful in all your clothes.

Postpartum Body Style

First things first, let’s have a bit of body acceptance! Your body has achieved an amazing

accomplishment. It birthed a whole human being. Like, wow. So, let’s not listen to social media or magazines telling you how to get your pre-baby body back in six weeks. You don’t need that stress right now. I do appreciate though that you may want to look and feel a certain way, to overcome any body insecurities you now face. And, that’s the beauty of style. We can use the way we wear clothes to enhance or disguise certain parts of our figures as we choose.

Let’s focus on the postpartum belly for a moment (dare we!) So, there’s a little more flab to cuddle and love now, and you don’t want that showing up when you’re out and about. What we want to do is avoid creating any focal points around the middle. A focal point is anything that draws attention to itself. So, here this would be a belt around the middle. A print or large block of colour on over your stomach, etc. Instead you can use accessories or little details on clothing to take the attention to other parts of the body. Something like a statement necklace will work well here. A scarf draped around the shoulders, or a top that has interesting sleeves.

Knowing how to use focal points will help you with any part of the body you may want

to disguise a little. If you have larger thighs and want them to appear slimmer, create

more interest on the top half of your outfit. This will draw the eye upwards and away

from the legs. Again, this could be with a scarf, or a brighter or patterned top with

plain and darker bottoms.

If you’re struggling with baby weight gain and want to dress to slim out your body, we can actually use colour. This will achieve a slimmer and elongated silhouette.

You may have heard that black is slimming. Now, let me tell you this doesn’t just apply to black. Any darker colour will have a slimming effect! So, if you’re not a fan of black you can choose any dark, neutral colour, like navy, grey, brown etc.

To take this a step further you can even use the column of colour. The what now?

Let me explain. All the column of colour means is to wear two items of the same darker colour. With one item in a lighter colour over the top. This is most easily done with a top and bottoms in the same colour. Then add in that third colour with a blazer, cardigan, open shirt or scarf. The effect of this is that the eye will follow that same colour upwards (keeping it dark will slim out the body). The attention is brought to that lighter colour. Colours are also focal points so this works in the same way. The eye is drawn to this

light colour, giving you the illusion of a taller and slimmer body.

Taking the hassle out of dressing each morning

Now, let’s say you’re struggling with finding the energy to think about what to wear each morning. You’re tired, you have no time to yourself so why on earth would you waste any effort on putting on a new outfit. It’s easy to overlook the importance of dressing well. But we forget what an impact looking good can have on our mental wellbeing. Imagine a time when you wore a beautiful outfit and felt absolutely gorgeous. What did that do to your mood and your confidence? Dressing up our bodies nicely is another form of self-care. It will do wonders for your confidence, mood and even give you a little energy lift!

But, let’s take out the hassle of trying to figure out what to wear each day. Wearing something basic doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing. If you tend to opt for the failsafe t-shirt and jeans, all you need to do is add in a third item to that outfit. This is going to elevate it so much. For effortless style always wear at least three items. Add on a blazer for a casual sophisticated look. Add in some jewellery or even a hat. By simply adding in another element it shows that you’ve taken time to think about your outfit. This will make

you look so much more stylish.

If you have the luxury of being able to spare a little time on yourself, you could plan some outfits in advance. Put on some fun music, dance around your room and start trying

on different clothes. Get creative and experiment with pairing items together that you might not have tried before. It doesn’t matter if you look or feel silly, or get it wrong. It can be a trial and error process. I promise you though, you’ll come up with a few fun and fabulous outfits along the way. When you do, make sure you note it down. This can be as simple as snapping a quick photo on your phone of the outfit. Taking this little extra time

to play around can save you a lot of time each morning. You’ll have your very own catalogue of outfits to wear and select from. Imagine being able to dress in under five minutes and look amazing!

Finding your Mum style

With the huge change of having a baby and becoming a Mother, you might find you can lose yourself a little. Another style struggle can be not knowing what to wear because you’re not sure how you should be dressing.

Do you need to look like a “Mum” now?

I’ll be frank. Let’s not stereotype anyone and let’s not assume that because you’re a Mum you have to look and dress a certain way. All you need to do is figure out how you want to look, and how you want to feel in your style. I want you to dress in a way that is authentic to you.

An easy way to establish an idea of who you are and how you want to look is to come up with three style words. Think about what attributes you like about yourself, or how you would want others to think of you. Maybe you want to be seen as fun, friendly and easy-going. Or, you want to be sophisticated, chic and elegant. Perhaps you’re heading back into work after maternity leave and want your work wardrobe to be polished, bold and timeless.

Once you’ve got your three chosen style words you can think about how these would look as outfits. Get some inspiration for these by flicking through magazines or looking on Instagram. A fabulous tool for some outfit inspiration is Pinterest. Gather a few images for ideas. You can then look through your wardrobe and see how you can create these with the items you already have.

Using style words and creating outfits this way will help you identify with who you are and what you want your style to be.

For more style tips and tricks or to work with Cate head over to https://www.confidentstylings.com or follow on Instagram and Facebook

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