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#Ad Music Monsters class review

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Teddy and I were kindly gifted half a term of Music Monsters this month.

It’s a relatively new class for babies new born to 5 years old in Solihull focused around using music to encourage interaction with your baby. Lauren, the cofounder, is a music teacher and Mum. She creates a very friendly, inclusive atmosphere at the classes and we had a lot of fun.

We went to 3 out of the 4 Mini Monsters classes (one was missed due to another event) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Each session was different, using themes and sensory activities to encourage the babies to enjoy and engage with music.

Dean came with us for the first class. He works shifts and misses out on a lot of the activities we do so it was lovely to have him with us for a change. Dean got stuck in singing the songs and playing with the instruments. The rain stick is a favourite in our house!

The second week had lots of sensory stations that we could move through, all to a wonderful Disney sound track. Teddy enjoyed making lots of noise with the spoons and pans. He also had fun with the glitter filled water bottles. We’re going to make one at home for him to play with. After this class, Ted seems to start banging his toys a bit more too.

The last week was spent singing a song with a book. Ted loves books so he was mesmerised by Lauren singing the story.

The classes gave us ideas of things we could do with Teddy at home and I really liked that Lauren did a hand out of the songs we’d sang each week. It was handy to have the recap as I’d taken Ted to other baby classes before and not known any of the songs so couldn’t singing them to him at home. Something I’d moaned to Dean about in the past! The hand outs even include Spotify playlists!

If you’re looking for a new class to go to, I highly recommend you check out Music Monsters. Live music, useful ideas for baby play, different themes each week and lots of fun! If we didn’t have other things pre booked for a Thursday morning we’d be returning for the second half of the term. Hopefully we will be able to make a future term as Teddy and I (and Dean) loved everything about the classes!

Future classes

Mini Monsters will be enjoying 7 new sessions for the rest of the term, all with different musical themes. These are:

- Musical Books - Music and Laughter - Fine Motor Skills - Colours - Music at Bath Time - Baby’s Favourites - Summer Party 2019

The dates are 6th June - 18th July and classes will run at 11.00-11.30. This 7-week-term costs £35.00 which I think is very reasonable!!

Referral Scheme

To thank you for any referrals you may make, Music Monsters will be giving you £5.00 credit towards any classes, lessons or instruments for EVERY referral you make to a friend who signs up for a full term.

If you book after reading this review, tell them we sent you!

Available Classes

- Dinky Monsters: Birth - 4 months - Thursdays, 11.45-12.15 - Mini Monsters: 4 months - crawling - Thursdays, 11.00-11.30 - Wiggly Monsters: Crawling - 20 months - Thursdays, 9.40-10.10 - Mischief Monsters: 20 months - 3 years - Thursdays, 10.20-10.50 - New Piano Monsters: 4 & 5 years - Saturdays, 9.45-10.15

Contact Lauren:




*This blog includes a gifted half term of classes but all opinions are my own.*

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