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Non Alcoholic drinks review

I love a good drink. Cocktail night with the girls, wine with dinner on date night, or a glass of fizz to celebrate something. But being pregnant means I have to watch everyone else having a beer, whilst I enjoy a diet coke.

So, I set out to find some nice non alcoholic drinks to make myself feel included in the festivities.

Gin is one of my favourite drinks, so I tried out these non alcoholic versions first.

Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn and Ginesque Silk Roots.

I had them both with a skinny tonic, ice and some citrus garnish. The Bax Botanic was herby and almost peppery on first taste. After a few sips I couldn't taste the difference to alcoholic gin.

The Ginesque had a slight spice to it which I liked.

Both get a thumbs up from me. Two great alternatives if you aren't drinking but fancy a gin.

Next up, I tried the Seedlip Garden 108 non alcholic gin.

It's suggested that you garnish this gin with a sugar snap pea, but I didn't have any to hand so it was a simple G&T over ice. IT had a slightly more floral taste that the first two I'd tried. Not my favourite of the bunch but still not bad.

On to the Fizz!!

Now, I've been sceptical of non alcoholic fizz and wine in the past as they're usually super sweet and undrinkable but I really liked the Belle & Co sparkling rose. Not too sweet, and kind of reminded me a little of Appletizer. I'd definitely drink this again.

Thomas & Scott's Noughty wine is organic and vegan. It's a real tasty alternative to an alcoholic wine, and it's not sweet!

What about when you fancy a cocktail?

This is the perfect, premixed mocktail. It's refreshing and tastes very similar to the real deal. I would definitely have this again.

So far I@m impressed with the variety of non alcoholic drinks available at the moment. It's making it a lot easier to be around other's who are drinking!

Have you got any faves?

*Some drinks were gifted but all opinions are my own*

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