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Old wives tales for predicting the sex of your baby

We have two weeks left to wait until we can find out the sex of our twins are we're sooooo excited!

We've been working our way through the old wives tales to see what they come up with.

We're not quite sure how these will work with us having twins but thought it'd be a bit of fun to do them anyway.


It is thought that if your baby has a heartrate of 140 beats per minute (bpm) or lower, you're expecting a boy. If it's higher than 140 bpm, you're having a girl.

At our first hospital scan at (13 weeks 3 days), one twin had a heartrate of 161bpm and the other twin's heart rate was 166bpm.

Result: GIRL

Chinese gender predictor

This test is based on an ancient Chinese astrological tradition. Some believe that the the chart was found in a tomb near Beijing over 700 years ago. It uses the Mother's age at conception and the month you conceived to predict whether you're having a boy or a girl. Whilst this isn't exactly an old wives tale, it claims to be 90% accurate!

Result: BOY

Morning sickness

Apparently, if you have morning sickness this means that you are carrying a girl , whereas not having morning sickness, or only having is a little ,indicates that you're having a boy.

I've had really bad nausea but not actually been sick.

Result: BOY

Wedding ring test

This test is done by putting your wedding ring on a chain, lying down and holding it above your bump. If the ring swings from side to side then you're having a boy, if it goes in a circle, you're having a girl.

Result: GIRL

The side the Mother sleeps on whilst pregnant

According to this old wives tale, if the Mother sleeps on her right, it means they're having a girl, If they sleep on their left, they're having a boy.

I toss and turn from left to right at the moment so this test was inconclusive for us!



If you are having heartburn it means that you're having a girl. It is also said to mean that your baby will have a lot of hair too!

I've been getting heartburn increasingly so as my pregnancy goes along.

Result: GIRL


Craving salty foods points to you having a boy, whereas craving sweet things means you're having a girl. Maybe that's why they said girls are made of sugar, spice and all things nice?!

I've been living on cheese toasties and chocolate bars so I'm not sure we can use this test to predict!


Mayan Gender Calendar

Using math and astronomy, the Mayans created their gender prediction calendar. It uses the same information that the Chinese Gender Prediction Test uses; age of Mother at conception and month of conception.

My age at conception was (and still is) odd and the month was odd.

Result: GIRL


If you have a lot of headaches during pregnancy, this is meant to show that you're expecting a boy. If you have none, you're carrying a girl.

I've been having quite a few headaches recently.

Result: BOY

First words from your last pregnancy

This is an odd one and I've not come across it until looking into the old wives tales for this blog. You can only use this one if you have more than one child. It states that the first word from your previous child can predict the sex of your baby.

So, if your previous baby said Mama first, you're having a girl. If they said Dada first, it's a boy. Is sibling intuition a thing?

Teddy said Mama first (a very proud moment for me!!!!!).

Result: GIRL


They say that if you're having a girl, they steal your beauty from you so you will have acne and blemishes. If you're having a boy, you can expect to be glowing.

Both in my first pregnancy with Teddy, and this pregnancy, my skin has been terrible. I've had constant break outs and patches of dry skin.

Result: GIRL

Swollen legs

IF you experience swollen legs or ankles whilst pregnant this is supposed to mean you're having a boy. If no swelling, you're having a girl.

I've not had any swelling as yet.

Result: GIRL

Dry Hands

Apparently if you notice dry hands during pregnancy, you’ll be having a girl. If your hands are normal, it's a boy.

I'm not sure we can use this test as, due to the covid19 pandemic, my hands have been dry for months!!!

Result: GIRL

A bit of a mixed bag.

Were any old wives tales right for you?

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