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Sing and Sign review by Sharna Hough

Niamh and I were fortunate to be asked to review Sing and Sign Solihull on behalf of Not Another Mum Group. We attended the Monday morning session at the Renewal Family Centre in Solihull.

Every group I have ever attended I’ve always gone along with another mum friend, so I was quite anxious going to this by myself. As we were quite early Tracy was the first person I met. She was so friendly and I instantly felt at ease with her.

The concept of Sing and Sign is “helping a child to communicate before speech”. The group we attended was for children aged approximately 6 -15 months. There is a group for both younger and older children. The whole session is very well structured and what I liked most about it was the variety.

I was a bit sceptical about a Sing and Sign class and just thought we would just be doing sign language, how wrong was I! The class not only teaches children signs, you get to sing, play with musical instruments, it teaches children how to listen, it helps children with their phonics and learning to take turns. I’ve not been to a class before that really has that much variety!

At the end of class Tracy puts out different toys and allows the children to have a free play session. Niamh loved playing with the different toys and it gave me a chance to have a chat with the other parents. It was very clear that Tracy puts her all into delivering a fun and vibrant class not only for the babies but their parents and careers as well. My daughter Niamh had only just met Tracy and she was in awe of her watching everything she did. I found it very cute how a young boy kept running up to Tracy and giving her lots of hug, that just shows the kind of person that she is.

If you are looking for a class that is fun and educational at the same time then please try this class out. You will honestly not regret it. I only attended a free trial and will be signing Niamh up to start a term in September as I believe that she will learn so much from this class.

Sing and Sign classes are on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at multiple locations in Solihull. Classes are run on a ten week term basis.

Contact Tracy at the Sing and Sign website or Facebook!

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