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#Ad Spa Babies class review

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

When I came across Spa Babies on Instagram last month, I was pretty excited. So, when Lisa contacted us to review the class in return for a complimentary session I booked a date in straight away!! It's aimed at babies 0-9 months.

When we got to the session, the lights were already dimmed, with some soft, rainbow lighting on. There was calming music on and the atmosphere was very relaxing. There were four stations set up with mini baths, towels, oils, cream, some bath toys and a name plaque.

Lisa welcomed everyone personally and took the time to come chat to us all, explaining the set up. The water in the bath was checked so it stayed at the right temperature and was topped up throughout the session. The baths had a shower head, bubbles and jet functions that were controlled by the parents. Teddy was a big fan of the showerhead and we had that going nearly constantly so he could put his hands in the water.

Teddy loves having a bath at home and this was no exception. He spent half an hour splashing and playing with the little bucket. We were both soaked!

After the bath, the babies were towel dried and Lisa talked us through a body massage using baby safe oils.

There was a choice of two oils, one with essential oils in and one without. Whenever I've tried baby massage at home with Ted, he's wriggled away but maybe it was the dim lights and the fact that he was already chilled out as he just lay there chatting away to me. He seemed to really like the foot massage bit.

Then we moved onto a face massage, again using baby safe cream. We weren't as successful in completing this bit as Teddy had decided he'd prefer to jump about a bit by then.

What I liked about the session was that we all learned some massage techniques that we can do with our babies at home. Everything you need is provided too so you just turn up. A swimming nappy isn’t essential, however feel free to bring one. In hindsight, I should have brought one for Teddy as he was the first baby Lisa had at her sessions to poop in the bath!!! *cringe*

Lisa had even set up a cute photo corner so you can get a snap of your baby in a dressing gown and towel turban, although Teddy did not cooperate for that bit. He hates getting dressed or undressed.

All the babies received a certificate at the end of the class. Teddy's first certificate #proudparent

Lisa's sessions are booked up until August at the moment and she's even had bookings from Mum's who haven't had their babies yet!! So contact her asap. Sessions are £12 ad include everything that you need.

I think we will definitely go to another session before Teddy is too old. Maybe next time he will let me take the spa photo!

*photos are quite dark because the room was dimly lit*

Contact Lisa at info@spababies.co.uk Or DM on Instagram at @spababiesltd

*This blog includes a gifted Spa Babies session but all opinions are my own.*

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