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How hard can it be to let grandmas and grandpas actively participate in the early grow up stage of a child despite the challenging current situation around the world?

With storykids it's very easy!

storykids is an app that allows you to create a monthly photo album with all of your children's or family photos in the shortest possible time and to design it individually with text or captions.

The photo albums could be directly sent to the grandparents which would give them the opportunity to see the children growing up despite spending not a lot of time together due to the travel restrictions all over the world.

Storykids was created by a French father in Germany. That is why we know first-hand how difficult it can be for grandparents to see their grandchildren growing up when they live abroad.

Our goal is to help families see each other and bring them together. 

We would greatly appreciate it if you can check out our website.

With the code STORY5, you get 5€ off the first album.

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