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What is sleep?

I think Ted is treating us to the dreaded 4 month sleep regression....and it’s brutal!! It’s only been a week of endless wake ups, but here are a few things my baby has taught me:

⋆ You may (probably) get ill. Especially if you’re me! I catch everything - unless I’m in a game of rounders...now I’m having flash backs to my school days, but I digress.... I think it must be the lack of sleep running me down, but I have a cold every other week. I’m going through so much anti bac in an attempt not to pass any germs onto Ted! I think I’ll just start wearing a face mask permanently.

⋆ Sleep deprivation is an effective torture method. Are babies sent here to torment us? Ted seems to enjoy keeping us awake. Then when we finally get up, he smiles a knowing smile. He’s silently saying ‘I’ve won’. Even when there are times you think you’re winning as a parent; you’re probably only winning the battle. You’re going to lose the war regardless!

⋆ Evolution has deal parents the short straw hasn’t it?! 9 whole months of growing a baby, then years of little rest. We are surely superhuman? Or in a secret psychology experiment? (At least I’m not an elephant, I guess….).

⋆The fragility of mental health become apparent. I class myself as a very resilient person, but my god, this kid is breaking me down. Whether it’s the continuous sleepless nights, or the anxiety about Every! Little! Thing! I’m delicate and I’m riding an emotional rollercoaster with no sign of ever getting off.

⋆Having no sleep will test a marriage. You become stripped back, raw versions of yourselves as individuals and as a couple. Reverting back to Neanderthal status, only focusing on when you can next eat and sleep. But aside from the negatives, it also shows your capacity to care for your partner regardless of the fact that your eyeballs feel like they’re swimming in hot sauce and you don’t remember whether you have brushed your teeth this morning.

⋆This doesn’t last. I repeat this to myself several times a day. This doesn’t last. There is an end. It may not be in sight. But it’s there, somewhere in the distance. I just need to get through the day. Or get to the next oil barrel if I’m walking in the Sahara Desert…. (Is now the time for a philosophy joke?!).

So, if you’re in the deep of the sleep regression ocean with me, keep going, we can do this! And share your tips!!

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